Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Modern Line Painting

Blank canvases make me happy. Filling them up makes me even more happy. So grab these few supplies and get happy with me!

Masking Tape
Acrylic Paint
Big Brush

Start by picking a color scheme you want to go with.  I opted for vibrant greens, inspired by photos from a trip the Two Girls took to Costa Rica.

Start by covering your canvas in your first color chosen. I find it easiest to work lightest to darkest.

Now grab your masking tape and put pieces in any pattern your chose from the top to the bottom of your canvas. Make sure your paint is dry before you do this, I waited about 2 hours for my acrylic paint to set.

I chose to do an abstract pattern inspired by the trees and plants we saw on our trip.
Time for your second coat!
Paint right over your previous color, over all masking tape. Cover that canvas!

Now patiently wait for your second coat to dry. Waiting is the toughest part of this project.

Second layer of masking tape time. I criss-crossed over my first masking tape pieces, this created great dimension in my final piece, I recommend doing this!

Last coat of paint over all your masking tape layers and previous 2 colors.  You could keep this going and going if you had the time and patience. I may try to do a ton of layers in the duration of a month and see how that turns out. (I'll keep you posted if I try that out)

An important part of the project you want to remember is to make sure you wrap your tape over the side of the canvas each time, this way you can see each piece and have a good grip on the end to slowly pull it off.

Alright, go ahead...pull off your tape!

I had to go in and touch up a few areas where the paint had gotten under the tape (as you can see in the above photo, pre-touch up). I also went in and added some thin highlights in white to some of the edges.

Here is my modern interpretation to the Costa Rican Rainforest. So go pick up a brush, pick out some complementing colors, and start layering!

--Emily Jo


At February 9, 2012 at 2:30 PM , Blogger Vanessa said...

Hi, Emily

Lovely, I am going to have to do this with my daughter.



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