Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Beaded Bobby Pins

Everyone who has ever lived with me can attest to my never ending supply of hair pins.  Somehow I manage to leave them everywhere; the bathroom sink, the coffee table, the kitchen counter.  I like them within an arms reach apparently. So if you are like me, and have hundreds of bobby pins...this project is just what you need!

Straight Pins (Bobby Pins, Hair Pins...they have many aliases) 
Hot glue
Beads, buttons, jewels 

You definitely want to use hot glue for this project. I tried tacky glue and craft glue and they were a mess. 

Spread a thin line of hot glue down the top of your bobby pin and add buttons, jewels, beads...you get the idea. This project doesn't need much explaining. So here are some pictures instead.

--Emily Jo


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