Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Clay Bracelets

While I was organizing my craft supplies for the last project, I came across some things I didn't even realize I had, one of those being a large supply of polymer(Sculpey) clays. Eager to do some sculpting, I decided to make myself some custom bracelets.

Polymer clay
Bracelet for sizing
Utility knife
Baking sheet

Here is the color scheme I decided to go with - I actually ended up mixing the green with some white and brown to tone it down.

First I worked the clay in my hands to warm it up and then rolled it out into long strands. This could be a good stress relief project for those of you with a lot going on.

For this first bracelet I used four strands of clay and braided them together. Then I used a bracelet that fits me well and based the length off of that. Using the utility knife, I cut the ends and then just smushed them together gently to join them.

Here are the four, ready for the oven. From left to right; two strands twisted together, four strands braided, three strands braided and one solid strand.

There are endless ways to design these bracelets, they could be rectangular strips with patterns embossed on the edges, or the bracelet could zig-zag around. These are also great because you get to fit them to your own wrists, which if you have tiny wrists like me, is nice to not have them falling off accidentally.

So the cooking temperature and times vary wildly between brands and thickness, so follow the instructions on the package. Mine were in for at least an hour and a half, but I wasn't quite sure how to tell their doneness. They won't firm up very much in the oven, but once they cool they do, so I would suggest just going by the directions for this step. 

All done! These could also be painted if you don't have any colors you're loving, or if you had a particular design in mind. So many options for such a simple project!



At January 26, 2012 at 5:25 AM , Blogger The Lovely Mrs. P said...

Love these! I have never made anything with Polymer clay..but I just might have to after seeing these! I wanted to let you know I featured these this week! Stop by and grab a button and I would love it if you would link up again!


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