Saturday, November 12, 2011

Skeleton Key Necklace

I've been making a lot of jewelry lately, and this old skeleton key was begging to be worn.

2.3 mm chain
Acrylic Paint
Toggle Clasp (closure)
2 Jump rings
wire cutter

First I decided to paint my key using acrylic paint.

I wanted my necklace to not just be a single key on a chain (even though you could do that as well.) So I decided to bling it out by adding some beads and loose charms I had. So first I took some armature and strung up some beads...

Then I wrapped it around the top of my key to create a loop for my chain to fit into.

I then found all the random charms I could find and strung them through my chain, putting the key in the middle.

I attached my jump rings to my chain and the toggle clasps to the jump rings.
(I think this heavy of a necklace would look best on a longer chain, resting mid chest or longer. So make sure to cut a long enough chain!)

And here are some "myspace" type photos to show you the outcome:

This necklace would look cute on ribbon as well! 

--Emily Jo


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