Thursday, May 10, 2012

Layered Beaded Necklace

A few years ago, while still in Savannah, I stopped by The Beadstro one day - our local bead shop - and picked up a few hand-painted ceramic beads that promptly got stashed away for later. I had completely forgotten about them until recently and decided that it was time to show them off. I wanted to just string the beads on a simple silver chain but didn't have one available. Then I remembered that I had some silver seed beads that could work just as well!

Needle and thread

It doesn't look like there are many seed beads there, but once you start stringing them up you realize how few you actually need. From that little section I probably used only a little over half of them for the entire necklace. 

Once you've threaded the needle and made a knot at the end that is big enough to stop the beads from falling off, just start stringing! This is one of those great projects to do while watching Netflix(I'm watching Sons of Anarchy for the second time and it's just as good as the first!).

Once you've filled up your string and made sure it is the length you wanted, add on your bigger beads and tie the two ends of thread together. 

How cute are these beads? Just simple blue and pink flowers with gilded edges that will definitely add a little life to my spring wardrobe!



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