Thursday, April 5, 2012

Fluorescent Toed Flats

I'm sure you've all seen them - those flats with the color blocked toes that are just too adorable. Well I decided it was time to make myself a pair. I picked up a cheapo pair of nude flats from Payless and got to work. 

Pair of shoes
Spray Paint
Plastic bags

Luckily flats are in big time and are available at pretty much any price point and in any store - so keep your eyes peeled for a deal and I'm sure you can find one. Or you could just spruce up an old pair!

First I marked off how much of the toe I wanted painted with some painters tape. Getting the tape to look even on both shoes is the toughest part of this whole project, but honestly, no one is really going to notice if these are a little off because how often are your feet right next to each other and not moving? My guess is not very often.

Also make sure to tape off where the sole of the shoe meets the top so that it doesn't look odd with the sole painted too. 

Then, as you can see, I just taped on some plastic bags to protect the rest of the shoe from the spray paint.

I started with a base coat of white so that the final color would come out as vibrant and true to shade as possible.

After about 10 minutes of dry time, they were ready for the neon pink.

And in under 30 minutes and for less than $20, I have a fun new pair of flats with a punch of color for spring!

Look at how bright those babies are! The camera can barely handle it, haha! As usual, there are so many ways to change this up - try a black or metallic shoe as a base with neon toes. Also, pastels are all the rage right now, so this would be an easy way to get your fill of those too!



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