Friday, April 20, 2012

Frosted Solar Light

To stay on the Earth day kick this week that Heather has started with her previous posts, I decided to continue by making a DIY Solar Light tonight.

I saw this glass jar solar light on for about $35. It was love at first sight. I was about to hit the "add it to my shopping cart" button, but saw that Heather had a similar post on her pinterest craft page with a DIY option. Yes please.


Solar Light
Glass Jar with top
Frosted Glass Spray
Hot glue

The longest part of this project was finding all the supplies. I went with a solar light lawn stake I found at Home Depot for $1.99.  Make sure the solar light you chose is detachable from the rest of the unit, all you need is the sensor and lightbulb part for this to work.

I decided to make this as a birthday gift for someone, so I took a sticker of their first initial and placed it on the glass before frosting. This worked great, so next time I'm going to do a whole word.

Spray your glass frosting spray about 10 inches from your jar. I chose a blue tinted spray. Once dry, peel off any stickers/letters you may have put on.

*Important- DO NOT spray the lid to your jar. It has to stay clear so the sensor can get sunlight during the day so your jar will glow all night.

Detach your solar light from the rest of your unit.

Hot glue your solar light to the top of your glass jar, sensor side up.

Alright...start charging your light.  I stuck mine under a lamp for about 5 minutes. If you leave yours in a well lit room during the day, it should glow for up to 12 hours at night. 

If you decide to do any type of stickers like I did, the cool part is that it gives off a shadow in the shape of that sticker in the dark.

It was so difficult to get a good photo of this project. But it really does give off a great amount of light. And it's solar powered! A perfect Earth Day project.

--Emily Jo


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