Thursday, April 12, 2012

Embellished Onesies

 This project was definitely one of those "fly by the seat of your pants" ones. Before I started all I knew was that I wanted to experiment with paint and patterns and that these onesies would be modeled by an adorable one year-old named Amelia.

Pack of onesies
Embroidery Floss

I had bought that little spray bottle with the idea that I could do a spray paint style with regular acrylic paints that had been watered down, but I never got around to that so maybe next time!

Here you can see I started using the tape to mark off areas that I wanted to paint. 

Then I just dove right in! This type of tape did not result in the sharpest of edges, so if that's the look you are going for, I had read that contact paper works much better. The way I did it had a watercolor effect that I ended up really liking. 

I love polka dots (what girl doesn't?!) so I knew one of them had to be spotted and used a sponge that I cut into a circle to achieve that effect. 

Just dip in the paint and dab on the fabric. Again, not very crisp lines but that ended up working well with the others I made. 

Here are the four all together. Very cute as is, but I wanted to add a little something more. 

So I picked up a shirt on clearance at Kohls and got to cutting it up. 

I wanted to make heart patches to sew onto the onesies so I made a few heart patterns until I was happy with the results. 

Then I just traced them with a pen on the opposite side of the fabric and cut them out. I made sure to pick a material that I knew wouldn't end up in a frayed mess, so this jersey knit was perfect. 

Using embroidery floss in corresponding colors, I sewed a heart onto each of the onesies. 

All four ready to be wrapped up for the birthday girl!

Happy birthday Amelia! I've had so much fun watching you grow over the past year and cannot wait to see what the next year brings!



Little Miss poses for a picture in her onesie! She's a natural!


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