Friday, May 18, 2012

Weekly Wall Planner

Here is a project that will help you stay organized this Summer:

Picture Frame
Paint Samples
Dry Erase Marker

I'm a busy busy girl and I'm hoping this will help me a little bit.

Look at this mess. I took apart my frame, and cut up some old magazines for the background of my planner. Collage time! This isn't necessary, but my frame was too big and I wanted something interesting in the background.

I love paint samples. They are FREE and they save you time on painting. This project is good to have a color scheme with, so just chose a color and get all the different shades of it at the paint store.

Then I glued down my samples overtop of my magazine collage. One for each day of the week.

I had some letter stickers, so I used these to label Monday-Sunday. You could always just use a marker or paint instead though.

Put your frame back together, grab a dry erase marker, and get planning!

To do: blog post this project!

This project was tough to photograph because of the glare.

To give you an idea of the size, here it is on my wall.

Happy Planning :)

--Emily Jo


At May 22, 2012 at 5:44 PM , Blogger Flair byBrandi said...

Love your blog!! Just came across it. Hope you will visit mine too! let me know if you want to follow each other : )


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