Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tile Coasters

So this is actually another Martha Stewart idea and it was so quick and easy that it took me less than an hour from start to finish. The supplies are fairly cheap - the tiles were 33 cents a piece and I had most of the other things just laying around. This would make a great last minute gift for anyone, and to top it off, it can be tailored to any aesthetic!

Tiles - I used ceramic and glass, but really any kind would work
Spray adhesive
Sobo Glue
Spray paint

All the supplies ready to go.

I decided to glue the felt onto the back of the tiles before painting because I didn't want to have to wait for the paint to dry to handle them afterward.

Then I sprayed the pieces of lace and layed the designs out on the tiles.

The glass tiles ready to be spray painted.

Looking good already!

The white tiles got the pink treatment.

And the black tiles were sprayed with a fluorescent yellow paint that ended up looking green. I could have done a second coat of paint to make it more yellow but I was liking the way it looked with just one coat.

With the glass tiles, there is still a shadow from the paint, which is really pretty and what makes glass tiles stand out in any application. The white ceramic tiles took the color the best and look really sharp. The black tiles have a grungier feel to them and the color can be a surprise. There are really a lot of options on where to take this project and they come out looking pretty impressive.



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