Saturday, January 7, 2012

Torn up Toms

I am pretty much obsessed with Toms, the only things that make me sad about their shoes is A) the price and B) the fact that I go through a pair every 6 months. They get dirty, I wash them, they get worn through and eventually my toe pokes through the top. I have had conversations and done some research on this, and apparently this happens to a lot of Toms enthusiasts. I wasn't ready to get rid of my red I decided to do something about it.
Toms canvas shoes

These are my happy little red Toms, circa 2 years ago.

These are my sad little red Toms after 2 summers of concerts, rain puddles, beach sand, and pavement stomping.

Start cutting right under each seam...

You can leave really any spot intact, but I chose to cut each side, the middle and the toe (mainly because there was a hole in it).

If your Toms are in better shape, you could leave more of the canvas intact, but I chose to go all out and just leave the seams.

Ta-Da! Me, some wine, and my brand new Toms sandals.
I really like the "destroyed" look of them.

Sad that I have to wait a few months to actually get to wear these guys out.

Here's hoping for an early Spring!

--Emily Jo


At June 21, 2012 at 12:53 AM , Blogger xiao mei said...

blue toms


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