Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Found Object Keychain/Zipper Pull

The holidays left my wallet pretty thin this year, so I put on my thinking cap and sorted through my supply drawer to see what I could create this week without spending a penny. Lucky for me, I have been crafting since I was little so that supply drawer is actually very full. This week I decided to dust off my bead collection and make a fun zipper pull for my purse.

Supplies: (Just suggestions, feel free to get very creative!)
Key ring
Cell phone charm/zipper pull string
Safety pins
Embroidery floss
Leather string

First I laid out all of my supplies to figure out where to begin.

This is the aforementioned cell phone charm/zipper pull string. It comes with a ring attached so you can hang it from your zipper or cell phone! The string end was a bit big for my beads though so I used a little wire and strung the beads through that first to force them on. 

Then I just used that piece of wire to string my end bead on. Once it was secured I wrapped the ends of the wire around the top of the star.

Next I put the zipper pull onto a larger keyring and strung a leaf pendant with some hemp and braided the rest of the string. 

Here come some cute little shells to add to the mix. I strung those on hemp also, knotting the shells into place. 

Then I beaded some safety pins and attached those with some embroidery floss. These could also come in handy if I'm ever in need of a quick safety pin fix!

I also had this beautiful flower button lying around so I added the button and some beads to a piece of leather string. 

And I decided there just weren't enough beads already, so I used the leather string again and just made a section of only beads.

This sassy purse just got a little sassier!

And easier to open, though I will hopefully be keeping it closed for a little while so my wallet can fatten back up!



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