Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Gift Card Holder

This is for that tough person on your gift list this season that you simply gave up on. Let's face it, we've all been there. You've looked all around the store, trying to figure out what size his inseam is, or if she was serious or joking when she said she wanted that hot pink Snuggie. After much deliberation, you just grabbed a gift card and said in your head "Whatever. He can get whatever he wants."

This project is a really quick and easy way to personalize that plastic that no thought what-so-ever went into.


Gift Card
Cardstock or Scrapbooking paper
Double Sided tape
Optional: Any embellishments: bow, ribbon, buttons, jewels, ect...

First, flip your paper face down so the pattern side is not showing. You guys are lucky because I did some measuring, so there's no trial and error for you. On the white side of the paper, mark off these measurements for your gift card holder:

7.5" tall x 5" wide

Then cut out your long rectangle shape.

Once cut, you need to measure and make small marks at:
3" from the end...

...and then another 3" up from that. This will leave you with 1.5" at the end.

Fold along the 2 small lines you just marked.

Like this!

Now you need to make a little flap to be able to shut your card holder closed with. 

I did this by cutting a half moon shape flap out in the middle of my 1.5" section.

Now time for that double sided tape!

It's hard to see because it's white here...but you want to put 2 very small pieces right above the 1.5" section. Then fold up the 1.5" section and stick to the tape so it will close on each end, making a pocket for your gift card.

Fa La La La La La La La Saturated Color.

Tuck your top 3" section under the little half moon flap you cut and your gift card will be all cozy inside, ready to be gifted.
I added a bow onto the front of mine, obviously personalize it however you would like. You can write your standard "To:____ From:____ "on there as well.
This is a great way to personalize or theme any gift card as well. Is this for your niece's birthday? Use a section from a Disney Princess poster. Did a couple just buy their first house? Do this out of free paint sample swatches. Your Brother just celebrated his sweet 16 and he's ready to get behind that wheel? Do the holder out of a road map. The possibilities are endless!

So I hope you now feel a little better about handing someone a gift card this season. It will look like you put more thought into their gift than you actually did.

--Emily Jo

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