Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hand Made Valentines and Yarn Hearts

Since Valentine's day is rapidly approaching, I thought I would post some hand made Valentine's cards I made with my students on Friday. Hopefully this will provide some inspiration for you to get out your glue sticks and stickers and get working on some of your own as well!

eye heart you!

Some ribbon weaving on this one

My personal favorite: 

"Whale you be my Valentine?" 


We also made these fun yarn hearts out of pipe cleaner and yarn.  If you have an older crowd, this would be great to do out of wire too!

Pipe cleaner (or wire)

Form your pipe cleaner or wire into a heart shape.  Start by tying your yarn around your pipe cleaner anywhere you want.

Gently wrap your yarn around your heart in all different directions. (from experience, if young children are doing this, stress the word GENTLY!)

Finish by tying it off and trimming any excess. Tie another piece of yarn to the top to hang...

and voila!

--Emily Jo


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