Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring Wreath

I'm not a big fan of Easter, but I am a big fan of Spring. I went to look for a Springtime wreath to put above our fireplace, but was really depressed by the selection. All of the wreaths either 
A) looked like the Easter Bunny threw up on them 
B) resembled an old lady's family room decor
C) were over $30

No thanks. I'll make my own. And I'll make it for around $10.

Straw 16" wreath -$3.99
Tulle- $1.99 each
Assorted buttons
Fake flowers- $1.99
Hot Glue
Mod Podge

Most of the supplies I had laying around my studio, but I had to make a trip to the craft store for the Tulle, fake flowers, and straw wreath.  You can really decorate your wreath with whatever you want, I'm just here to get your wheels turning.

Take the plastic off your wreath (have fun, the straw sheds EVERYWHERE). Start by pinning your tulle to your wreath, and start wrapping.

I wrapped my wreath in an ivory before wrapping it in my light green. This way, the green will appear darker. 

Pin the end of your first color down, pin your second color and start wrapping again. You can find tulle in the wedding section of your craft store, and it's usually the cheapest "fabric" you can find.

Glue the end of your tulle down on the back of your wreath. I used mod podge, but you can really use any type of craft glue.

Time to start accessorizing... 

I had some white yarn left over and decided to wrap a couple sections of my wreath. I secured the string with a glob of hot glue on the back.

I cut up the stem of flowers I bought and hot glued some of the interesting pieces down.

Time for some buttons! Check the clearance section of your craft store. They always have a great assortment of buttons for under $1.00.

And here we are. A nice, eclectic, springtime wreath. No eggs, no bunnies, no pink and yellow roses.

Spring has Sprung!

--Emily Jo


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