Sunday, March 25, 2012

Painted Canisters

Here's an easy, 1 hour project for you on a rainy Sunday afternoon....

Old canister
Spray Paint
Acrylic Paint
Paint Brush

I was all done with my make-up removing pads, and I decided I didn't want to part with this little canister. I also need a place to keep my little button collection I have going, so that's when the lightbulb went off.

Spray paint is the easiest way to go about this. If you have some extra time for a few coats and want to be ambitious, go with acrylic and really put some fun detail into it.

I decided to paint the inside as well with some acrylic paint.

As a little topper, I used an old lip gloss cap. It was the perfect size for a fake knob on top.

I hot glued it right on top of the cap.  I'm sure you can think of millions of other fun fake knobs to use. Just start looking around your house, you'll find something.

And in go my buttons.

Super cute to put in a bathroom too, to hold all those cotton balls. 

And here is where this one will stay. I can't wait to run out of my nail polish remover next!

--Emily Jo


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