Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Wedding Weekend Wrap-Up

 As some of you may know, my brother got married this past weekend. I had been working behind the scenes on a few of the design details as well as the rehearsal dinner, which was held at our house. I didn't want to ruin the surprise for the guests attending, so I've been recording my projects and am so excited to finally share them all! So here is my wedding weekend wrap-up!

I had mentioned the wedding centerpieces back in March, so Mary decided that she loved the look of the frosted glass, but felt the colored glass was a bit too much for what she had in mind. 

So with the help of my cousin, Jessie, we got to work frosting upwards of a hundred mason jars. We were lucky to know someone with a very large collection of jars and willing to part with some. 

We tried a few different ways to get that wrapped up look. The electrical tape ended up leaving a black residue on the glass that was(or so I heard, my aunt Kathy was kind enough to do the cleaning portion) a pain to get off. The twine made the lines on the jars not as sharp as we would've liked. So ribbon was the best choice. I have seen this done with wide rubber bands too, which is probably the way to go. 

Jessie and I giving the jars a first coat of paint. They ended up needing two, so keep that in mind when purchasing paint. 

Onto the next project! Mary wanted to display the place cards on a board with ribbons holding them up. So I used some scrap plywood, shelf liner, spray adhesive, a staple gun and vintage ribbon that my nana had saved. 

First I glued the shelf liner onto the plywood boards as a background to the ribbon. Then I just stapled the ribbon ends to the back of the boards as tightly as possible. 

Here are the three boards, ready for some place cards!

Next, I got to work on a program. Mary had a coupon to VistaPrint so she asked if I wouldn't mind designing a program for her. 

Using the basic layout and colors, I designed the place cards to correspond. 

And the table themes as well!

For the rehearsal dinner I used some leftover jars and wrapped a bit of twine around them and placed tea lights inside. To keep the tea lights from moving around, I put a 1/4 cup of epsom salts in the bottom of the jars. I also collected roses from around the yard and put them in vases with twine wrapped around them as well. 

The programs in their basket and ready to be passed out!

I had a few frames left over so I printed out a little sign to put near the guestbook. 

Here are the place card displays all set up!

You can see a frosted jar in the background and how nicely they add to the centerpiece arrangement. Also notice the place card in the foreground.

And while everything really came together perfectly, the best part of the whole day was seeing how happy Mary and Phil were. Congrats!



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