Thursday, July 12, 2012

T-shirt To Tank Top

Okay, so I was really jealous of Emily's adorable dip-dyed shorts and decided to try it out on a t-shirt turned tank top.

Needle and thread
Plastic container

Here's the shirt - picked this baby up at Marshalls for $10!

First I cut off the bottom hem, the sleeves and then cut the neckline. I made the armholes a little bit bigger, but not enormous(though I thought about doing that, it made me nervous, haha).

Next I set up my bleach station. I also tested the bleach on one of the scrap pieces to make sure I knew how long to let it sit and to see if I would actually like the color the bleach turns the fabric. 

While the scrap piece was working it's magic, I decided I didn't like the seams on the shoulders. So, I took another piece of scrap fabric and wrapped it around like I did with the jersey scarf tutorial.

Here's the tank top, ready for the bleach!

Just a close-up of the shoulder seams now that they are wrapped. 

This shirt had not been previously washed, so I noticed that when I put the scrap piece in, the fabric wouldn't soak any of the bleach up. So I pre-wet the fabric with water and wringed it out then put it in the bleach. This step is probably unnecessary if the shirt has been washed before. 

Wizzy was feeling left out and wanted his tail dip-dyed too.

So once the bleach has soaked into the fabric, wring it out, but do not rinse yet, and let it hang. Keep an eye on it and when it gets to a point you like, rinse the bleach out completely. 

Either tumble dry or air dry. 

New fun shirt time! I debated cutting the bottom into fringe, thoughts? I have been (lovingly) dubbed the fringe queen by my friend Liz(with good reason, I love me some fringe), so the obvious answer seems to be yes. I'll update you if that happens, haha.



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